Qualified Environmental Testing

JRM Environmental has been dedicated to providing the most comprehensive environmental testing and consulting right here in Arizona since its inception in1995.

Jason Marshall has 18 years of experience in the field of mold and asbestos identification. Since 1989 Jason Marshall has been personally dedicated to his education within these fields to bring you the most current and up to date information regarding your issue. Our Certified staff can not only identify existing but also recognize potential problems because of our extensive knowledge and the use of the latest technology.

Our full service lab can provide the fastest turn around time and has been an accredited full service lab by the State of Arizona, since 2000. Jason Marshall was initially educated and trained by the original industry leader, Walter McCrone.

Insurance is an important barometer of the quality and financial strength of an environmental services company. If a problem does arise on a project, Insurance will frequently become the economic savior of the venture. As a result, JRM maintains the highest levels of insurance with $2,000,000 professional liability (Errors and Omissions) on a per aggregate basis with an A rated carrier.

Since 1997 JRM has held designations in the field of Microbial investigation which has given him a large working knowledge of any “mold” or microbial problem you may encounter. His on-going education and designations include, IAQ Microbial Identification of Asbestos Certification January 1997, IAQ Strategies for Conducting Meaningful Microbial IAQ Investigations April 2000, IAQ Advanced Indoor Air Quality: Fungal Culture Plate Identification October 2003, IAQ Certified Microbial Consultant May 2006.