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mold and microbial testing

There are more than one-hundred thousand identified species of fungi existing naturally in our environment today. Species that have existed for millions of years, are generally present...

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lead testing

Once a lead based paint hazard has been identified, baseline lead in air or soil samples will be taken to give an indication as to the exposure assessment, and this information will be an important component...

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asbestos testing

Asbestos is one of the most common overlooked environmental issues encounters on a property. How to most economically deal with asbestos issues, while at the same time maintaining regulatory compliance...

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state of the art in-house lab

JRM clients get a quick turnaround on testing results due to our in-house testing laboratory with State of the Art Testing Equipment. Our in-house laboratory is accredited under the NVLAP Accreditation Program

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About Us About JRM Environmental Solutions

JRM Environmental, Inc. (JRM) designs and executes creative environmental solutions for business while protecting our clients from potential liability exposure. We base our approach on the concept that knowledge about environmental issues facilitates the sale, purchase, renovation, or demolition...

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