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JRM performs all asbestos testing related consulting functions, including asbestos surveys (limited and/or comprehensive), asbestos project design specifications, air monitoring and abatement project oversight, training classes, and the development of Operations & Maintenance plans (O&M plans.)

Is there asbestos in your school?

If you answered “yes” or worse, “I don’t know”, there are important things you need to know. According to the EPA’s Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), your school needs to be inspected for asbestos-containing building materials, as well as maintaining the proper reports. You also need to take the appropriate action to reduce asbestos hazards. Even if you’re a charter school, these rules still apply. If you’re not sure if your school may have asbestos in it, or need assistance with your current AHERA compliance, we can help.

Here's what we do:


We will thoroughly assess, test, and document the existence of asbestos-containing materials according to EPA guidelines (AHERA).


When plans call for activities that will affect asbestos containing materials (ACM), we will develop site specific specifications for abatement.

Air monitoring

Air monitoring is performed in conjunction with providing asbestos abatement oversight, as well as post-clearance analysis.

O&M plans

We provide site specific O&M plans to create a practical management plan for the control of airborne asbestos fibers in a building.

Commercial builders: are you complying with NESHAP?

NESHAP, or the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants, requires that you maintain a report on the “air toxics” on your site. While it covers all hazardous airborne contaminants, asbestos has its own NESHAP requirements. Maricopa County is very proactive in their enforcement of NESHAP, which can result in some hefty fines. Make sure you’re in compliance, and if you’re not sure, give us a call. We can help.

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Our services stand out from the rest:

Cost effective
Stay in compliance
Peace of mind
Improved air quality
Customized plans

Stay in compliance.

It's not just about following the rules, it's also about health and safety. We can help you with all of it.

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JRM Environmental, Inc.
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Phone: 480-425-7710

Fax: 480-425-7713

JRM Environmental, Inc.
7755 E. Gelding Drive, Suite C-104
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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